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Review of the Electrical Safety Act 2002

The Electrical Safety Act 2002 is under review, led by Mr Dick Williams who has more than 40 years of experience in the electrical industry and is the chair of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Board.

The review will ensure Queensland’s electrical safety laws continue to provide high standards of safety for workers and communities, while recognising that new and emerging technologies have led to significant changes for electricity generation, storage and supply across the state.

The review will consider updates to the objects of the Act and regulation-making powers to address the following key issues:

  • The relevance and effectiveness of all definitions under the Act.
  • The relevance and effectiveness of all duties and requirements under the Act (and any subordinate legislation), including on suppliers and generating entities.
  • The alignment of provisions in the Act with Queensland’s work health and safety legislation.
  • Future proofing the Act for new and emerging energy technologies, including renewable energy generation and storage devices.

Mr Williams will consult extensively with industry stakeholders, unions and the community to inform the content of the review. This will include an open, public consultation and an opportunity for written submissions. Further information on the public consultation process will be published shortly.