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Risk from battery powered devices mounted near electrical equipment

Battery powered devices such as energy monitoring systems (pictured below), timeclocks or communication equipment, if not maintained, can leak an alkaline substance onto equipment located below, creating a potential electric shock hazard and damaging equipment.

You should be aware of and control this risk when working on switchboards and meter panels near unmaintained battery powered devices.

If batteries have leaked, make note of the extent of the leakage and ensure suitable controls are in place to eliminate the shock hazard and chemical exposure. This may include advising the owner to have the device and associated cabling removed.

To avoid the risk to equipment and people, unused battery powered devices should have their batteries removed, be located so that battery leakage does not endanger other electrical equipment or be removed (including any associated cabling).

The Electrical Safety Office is currently advising electricity meter installers and retailers they should not install meters below battery powered devices.

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