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New Electrical Equipment Safety System website

The Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS), which regulates the safety of household electrical equipment in Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania, has a new website at, providing:

  • compliance requirements under the EESS
  • essential safety criteria for in-scope electrical equipment
  • links to registration and certificate search functions
  • links to Responsible Suppliers and equipment registration.

The EESS is a regulatory framework aimed at increasing consumer safety when interacting with household electrical equipment (In-Scope electrical equipment). The EESS outlines the safety requirements for registration of Responsible Suppliers and equipment in a centralised national database (National Register).

The EESS stipulates three levels of equipment types with different registration and certification requirements for each level, based upon the assessed risk of that equipment type. The EESS has a registration database for Responsible Supplier registration and equipment registrations, and has a public search facility for certain information relating to household electrical equipment.

The EESS is a self-funding, user-pays system where registration fees fund improved compliance, surveillance and post-market enforcement activities.

Further information

For more information call 1300 362 128 or email