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Logan/Browns Plains sparkies – we need your help!

Logan/Browns Plains sparkies in particular should keep an eye out for Dielle YK78 Model Residual Current Device (RCD) recalled by the supplier due to a risk of electrical fire and electric shock. The RCDs were sold in the Logan/Browns Plains area from 2006 and can be identified by the brand name 'Dielle', the model number 'YK78' and the invalid approval marking of N.21905 (see below).

Recalled residual current device

The recall includes all rated models in the range 6A,10A,16A, 20A, 25A and 32A with these markings.

The RCD may not comply with the product safety standard, and may not trip reliably under an earth fault condition. Marking N.21905 is not a valid Approval number.

Building owners, managers and electrical contractors are urged to check switchboards or load centres for potentially affected RCDs.

The recalled product needs to be replaced with an alternative RCD that has a valid approval mark.

If you find a recalled RCD model installed in a customer's premises, you should notify them about the recall and have them contact the supplier to arrange for a replacement RCD to be installed:

Dielle Electrical Distributors Pty Ltd

c/- 78 Grange Road, WELLAND SA 5007


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