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Electrical safety for tenants and property owners

New guidance for tenants and property owners about electrical safety in rental properties is now available.

The Electrical safety in rental properties—tenants guide was developed in consultation with Tenants Queensland and is available as a magnetic spiral-bound flip-chart for the fridge.

It contains at-a-glance information and some simple things tenants can do to make using electricity in their home as safe as possible. This includes testing safety switches and smoke alarms, dangers in roof spaces, checking and maintaining electrical appliances, overhead powerlines and the dangers of buying electrical appliances online.

Property owners and managers must ensure their property is electrically safe for tenants and people that visit or work on the property. The Electrical safety in rental properties—property owners guide   includes information on installing safety switches, smoke alarm laws, what to do if anyone receives tingles or shocks from electrical equipment, taps and other metal fittings, maintaining solar PV systems and the dangers of DIY electrical work.

Tenants guide

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Dan Kennedy (Dale's dad) is one of our Safety Advocates and is available to speak at your workplace—whether it's your annual staff BBQ or a regular safety meeting—to speak to workers, supervisors and managers about the importance of electrical safety. Find out more about our Safety Advocates program.

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