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Documented testing procedures and test reports

The Electrical Licensing Committee reminds contractors to ensure electrical work is inspected and tested correctly. In recent disciplinary hearings, the committee found there were no formalised testing procedures or documented test records.

Although electrical contractors are only required to issue customers with a certificate of test, documented inspection and test procedures, and inspection and test records provide evidence of the actual test results which support the certificate. They also provide workers with a visual reminder of the step by step testing process. Workers can easily review the completed test record and identify if any steps have been missed.

A key role of the qualified technical person for an electrical contractor licence is to ensure electrical work is inspected and tested correctly. Providing workers with test result sheets that cover the Wiring Rules section 8.2 - Visual inspection and section 8.3.3 - Mandatory tests, ensures consistency with testing procedures. Implementing an audit process of test records allows the business to ensure workers are following procedures.

You can create your own test sheets or use versions provided by others. Industry associations such as Master Electricians Australia and the National Electrical and Communications Association can provide members with a range of testing documentation.