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Improving safety management on large scale construction projects

Calling all developers or principal contractors leading construction projects valued at over $100m. Are you interested in finding out more about your safety obligations and how to better manage safety on your site?

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland's two-phase major construction program is raising contractors' awareness of their obligations under section 27 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and the Queensland Best Practice Principles (for projects covered by the Queensland Procurement Policy), by:

  • encouraging the inclusion of work health and safety in design
  • focusing on planning and work practices and a positive safety culture from the outset
  • encouraging consideration of work, health and safety during the procurement process
  • enforcing safety with sub-contractors.

Once construction commences, inspectors work with the principal contractor to ensure safety is prioritised while planning high risk activities. Gaps and potential problems are identified and addressed before they escalate. The learnings are implemented across the whole site and for in subsequent stages of construction.

The aim is that developers and contractors are able to implement the same approach and apply the learnings on their next construction project without this guidance.

This approach is currently being implemented at several high-profile construction projects throughout Queensland.

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