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Make a difference - join the construction blueprint

Each year more than 190 construction workers die by suicide, with more than 450 workers permanently disabled following a suicide attempt and thousands more are likely to attempt suicide without permanent injury.

These are sombre statistics, but perhaps because of these figures and the efforts to reduce them, the Australian construction industry globally is held up as an example of best practice when it comes to workplace suicide prevention. Our industry-wide approach is seen around the world as being noteworthy.

In 2016, a group of 52 industry leaders from Queensland and other Australian states and territories met in Sydney to discuss mentally healthier and safer workplaces. The consensus was that the industry had done pretty well so far, but that an even more coordinated effort was required.

The industry leaders decided to produce a roadmap for the industry to address the issue more broadly – and now the outcome of this work is available to all. Produced jointly by Beyond Blue and MATES in Construction, the document provides a framework for large and small businesses to improve workplace mental health.

The project is supported by Construction Skills Queensland, which is backing an industry support officer for the blueprint. They want to see someone who can help building and construction businesses implement the blueprint in a way that suits their specific needs and conditions. This will be a free service for all building and construction business operating in Brisbane.

To learn more about The Australian Building and Construction Industry Blueprint for Better Mental Health and Suicide Prevention visit or contact MATES in Construction Qld/NT by phoning 07 3063 7055 or emailing .