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Concrete pumping compliance audits

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland is auditing concrete pumping on construction sites across the state.

The revised Concrete Pumping Code of Practice 2019((PDF, 1.04 MB)) came into effect last December following several serious incidents involving concrete booms. The audits are now checking that the industry is complying with the standards outlined in this Code.

Even minor mechanical or structural failures of concrete pumps or booms can potentially end up in serious injury or death. That’s why it is vital for the industry to implement the revised code of practice and remain vigilant about safety when operating concrete pumps and booms.

The audits are assessing compliance with the whole of the Concrete Pumping Code of Practice 2019, with a particular emphasis on those sections of the code that have recently changed. In preparation for the audits, employers whose business involves concrete pumping activities should ensure they understand the changed requirements and are implementing them correctly.

More information

Information on common concrete pumping hazards and how to control them, and the changes to the code of practice are available on WHSQ's website.