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Vehicle loading crane (crane truck) audits extended

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland and the Department of Transport and Main Roads will extend an audit campaign to improve safety for vehicle loading cranes (VLC) after a significant number of breaches were identified.

The campaign started in 2018, after a spate of fatalities, property damage and other serious incidents resulting from the unintentional extension of stabilisers while travelling on public roads.

To date during 700 audits, 250 enforcement actions have been taken with 119 VLCs not having a secondary lock and 123 VLCs having ineffective locks or unsecured stabilisers.

For your VLC to be safe and compliant, ensure:

  • at least one of the two locking devices for each manually operated stabiliser (primary and secondary) is automatically operated (e.g. a spring-operated cam lock and an automatic spring latch)
  • locking devices are operational and not faulty
  • the VLC is maintained (including stabilisers)
  • operators are competent to operate the VLC and the stabilisers
  • visual and audible alarms are installed and in good working order.

Going forward, WHSQ and DTMR will continue with roadside interceptions and now include construction sites and agricultural workplaces. If you need guidance on VLC safety, WHSQ will hold workshops for owners and PCBUs in September and for inspection stations in October.

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