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Setting-up and dismantling of amusement rides


There is a hazard when working directly underneath ride components that are only suspended by hydraulics or air pressure.


A worker was killed while dismantling a Chair-O-Plane ride. He was positioned on top of the pivot arm ring and close to the telescopic post lock bolts (see Photograph 1). It appears the telescopic post dropped and the worker was struck.

Example of Chair-O-Plane

Photograph 1 - Example of a Chair-O-Plane

Action required

You must always follow the manufacturer's written instructions (or those developed in consultation with an engineer) for setting up and dismantling the ride. Also:

  • use the right tools and parts for any maintenance
  • ensure there is sufficient light to perform the work safely
  • make sure the ride is inspected regularly and any hydraulic or air leaks are repaired before the ride is set up or used
  • report ride faults and document the repairs in the ride log book
  • make sure the ride has an annual inspection by an engineer.

You should never be under a ride structure's parts that are held up by hydraulics or air pressure, unless there is a back-up support to prevent those parts falling

The use of a back-up support is critical where a worker has to enter a hazard zone to set up or dismantle the ride (e.g. insert lock bolts or pins).

Install the backup support before entering the hazard zone and keep it in place until you are clear of the hazard.

Never take short-cuts or rush the job.

Ride owners should frequently review the set-up and dismantling procedures.

If entering a hazard zone is unavoidable, minimise the risk of injury to workers by modifying the procedures being undertaken. This may include re-design of the backup support system so that it can be activated outside of the hazard zone, or updating the ride itself.

Ride owners will need to consult their engineer to review or change the procedures, equipment used or ride design.

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