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Terms and conditions

Office of Industrial Relations sponsorship Terms and Conditions

  1. Sponsorship applications are open to associations, partnerships, companies and other organisations operating within Queensland. However, the Office of Industrial Relations reserves the right to either allow or disallow any applicant for any reason at its complete discretion.
  2. In order to be eligible as a sponsor, the relevant organisation must not have had a prosecutable workplace fatality; i.e. a workplace fatality which is currently, or within the last five (5) years, the subject of an investigation or a previous prosecution with a guilty verdict by the Queensland Government or any other workplace safety regulatory jurisdiction within Australia.
  3. Organisations submitting a sponsorship application must have all insurance/levies required by law, or otherwise appropriate, for the conduct of their day-to-day activities.
  4. All sponsorship applications are assessed by the Office of Industrial Relations (via legal and inspectorate reviews).
  5. The decision of the assessment is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  6. Sponsorship does not signify endorsement of a particular product or health and safety or return to work practice by the Queensland Government.
  7. The Office of Industrial Relations reserves the right to decline or accept a sponsorship with absolute discretion, including but not limited to situations in which an applicant, or a related person or organisation, has breached or is under investigation for possible breaches of occupational health and safety or compensation laws (whether or not a prosecution is pending), or where the acceptance of sponsorship may otherwise be detrimental to the objectives of the Office of Industrial Relations.
  8. In accordance with the Queensland Government Guidelines for incoming sponsorship and exhibition, direct sales at Queensland Government events are not permitted. Sponsors and exhibitors can generate sales leads and have sampling of products but no transactions on the day.
  9. Inappropriate sponsorships
    Inappropriate sponsorships are those that:
    • diminish, or seek to diminish, public confidence in the Office of Industrial Relation’s ability to perform its duty impartially on behalf of the state
    • have the potential to reflect negatively on the government or damage the government’s reputation
    • discriminate based on race, sex, age, disability or religion
    • perceive to be related to the organisation or its goods or services which provide brands that may be harmful to users or of inferior quality (e.g. tobacco sponsorship).