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  • Workplace health and safety alert

    Palfinger stabiliser locking system

    The purpose of this safety alert is to highlight the risk of unintentional extension of stabilisers on vehicle loading cranes (VLCs) and, in particular the operation of the stabiliser locking system on some models of Palfinger vehicle loading cranes (VLCs).

  • Incident alert

    Worker suffers electric shock forming concrete slab

    In May 2021, a worker received an electric shock while he was preparing to form up a concrete slab next to an existing structure.

  • Incident alert

    Contractor seriously injured by wetting auger

    In April 2021, a contractor suffered multiple fractures, degloving and severe lacerations to his arms when he was trapped in a wetting auger at a feedlot.

  • Incident alert

    Mobile crane rollover at residential construction site

    In April 2021, a mobile crane tipped over at a residential construction site falling onto three houses. No one was injured. The mobile crane was a hydraulic slewing crane with a maximum rated capacity of 80 tonnes.

  • Incident alert

    Skid steer loader incidents

    In April 2021, a worker was killed when he was struck by the skid steer loader he was operating. Early investigations indicate the skid steer loader was being used to repair a residential driveway and it struck the worker after he fell out of the machine.

  • Workplace health and safety alert

    Diving tower edge protection

    This safety alert highlights the risk of falls from diving tower structures and provides guidance on risk controls. It applies to parts of diving towers where there is a risk of someone falling onto a solid structure below. It does not apply to parts of diving towers directly above water.

  • Workplace health and safety alert

    Failures of concrete pump delivery pipeline end fittings and hoses

    This safety alert highlights the risk of failure of concrete pump delivery lines including failures of end fittings.

  • Incident alert

    Worker seriously injured after fall from roof

    In March 2021, a worker suffered serious injuries when he fell approximately six metres through a roof after walking on an old skylight panel that had previously been covered. It appears the void cover plate was held in place by pop rivets.

  • Incident alert

    Workers struck by mobile plant

    In January 2021, a worker on a private property was fatally injured when a telehandler ran over him. Early investigations show the telehandler was loading a crop-dusting plane with fertiliser at a private airstrip on the property when the operator reversed it over a worker.

  • Incident alert

    Forklift operator seriously injured by falling pallet

    In February 2021, a warehouse facility worker was seriously injured when several pallets fell onto the forklift he was operating.

  • Workplace health and safety alert

    Fake disposable respiratory protective equipment

    The purpose of this safety alert is to assist businesses in identifying fake (non-certified) respirators and highlight the risks associated with using them.

  • Incident alert

    Arc flash incidents

    In January 2021, two electrical workers suffered burns following an arc flash. They were working in a switch room with an LV main switchboard. Initial enquiries indicate electrical work was being done on the switchboard metering when the incident occurred.