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  • Incident alert

    Young worker struck by heavy timber sheets

    In September 2022, a 17-year-old work experience student’s pelvis was fractured when a pack of heavy timber sheets fell onto him. The sheets were stacked on their edge and leaning against a wall. Early investigations found the boards weighed approximately 30kg each and the student was retrieving a cover board from the rear of the pack.

  • Incident alert

    Incidents involving contact with overhead powerlines

    In September 2022, a worker was electrocuted when the metal frame he was holding contacted a high voltage overhead powerline at a construction site where a shed was being built. Initial enquiries indicate the metal frame was being moved onsite by a pick-and-carry mobile crane, when the worker attempted to prevent the metal frame striking a nearby vehicle. It was not known that the metal frame had made contact with an overhead powerline at the time.

  • Workplace health and safety alert

    Immersion pulmonary oedema risk when diving and snorkelling

    The purpose of this safety alert is to inform businesses that provide diving and snorkelling activities of the risks of participants suffering from immersion pulmonary oedema.

  • Incident alert

    Snorkelling fatalities

    In August 2022, a member of the public died while snorkelling. Investigations show he had been snorkelling from a tour operated vessel when the lifeguard spotted he was not moving. In September 2022, a member of the public became unresponsive and was declared deceased during a swim with the whales activity. Early investigations show she was snorkelling with a tour operator and holding onto a long rope. Also in September 2022, a member of the public became unresponsive and was declared deceased when she collapsed and lost consciousness after snorkelling. Early investigations show she had returned to the platform while snorkelling.

  • Incident alert

    Worker seriously injured in three metre fall from roof

    In July 2022, a worker was seriously injured when he fell over 3m from a roof. Early investigations indicate he was removing asbestos roofing sheets and was lying on the roof facing downward when his body slipped and he fell head first off the roof.

  • Incident alert

    Worker seriously injured after being pulled under farm trailer

    In August 2022, a worker was seriously injured after he was pulled underneath a trailer being used to harvest pineapples.

  • Incident alert

    Worker struck by truck body tray

    In June 2022, a worker suffered serious facial and other injuries after being struck by a truck body tray that unexpectedly tipped towards him. Initial enquires indicate he was preparing the truck body tray, which was on trestles, for spray painting inside a booth. The worker was cleaning the top of a toolbox mounted on one side of the truck body tray and it appears the tray tipped and struck him. He subsequently fell on the concrete floor. Investigations are continuing.

  • Incident alert

    Worker seriously injured after fall from a ladder

    In May 2022, a worker sustained significant injuries after falling from a ladder. Early investigations indicate he was assisting with the installation of roofing sheets on a house renovation. For reasons yet to be established, the worker fell from the ladder suffering fractured ribs, a scratched diaphragm and other injuries.

  • Incident alert

    Workers killed by mobile plant

    In July 2022, a worker died after being hit by a moving water truck. The man was part of a crew working on a development road. Early investigations indicate he was struck when the water truck was reversing. In June 2022, a skid steer loader was spreading gravel onto a residential driveway when for reasons yet to be established, it struck and killed a person who was close by. Investigations are ongoing.

  • Incident alert

    Worker fatally struck by vehicle

    In May 2022, a station hand was trapped between the vehicle he’d been driving and an access gate. Early investigations found the worker was checking water bores when he arrived at an access gate. It appears he put the work supplied four-wheel drive into low range before exiting the ute to open the gate. Tragically, the four-wheel drive vehicle has crept forward, fatally pinning him against the access gate.

  • Incident alert

    Worker crushed by tractor

    In May 2022, a worker was crushed to death by a tractor. Early investigations indicate the man was operating the tractor (with slasher attachment) by himself. It appears he either got off the tractor while it was moving or fell from the tractor and it struck him.

  • Incident alert

    High-pressure cleaners on asbestos roofs

    In May 2022, a worker suffered serious de-gloving injuries when his hand was trapped in a ‘curtain coating roller’ machine. At this stage of the investigation, it’s unclear exactly what the worker was doing, but it appears his hand was drawn in between the machine’s two rollers.