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  • Incident alert

    Scaffold related incident

    In July 2021, a spectator at a local sports ground in Brisbane was crushed by a tower frame scaffold. Initial enquiries indicate the scaffold appears to have blown over because of possible wind gusts, fatally crushing the man. Investigations are continuing.

  • Incident alert

    Use of high-pressure water spray equipment on asbestos roofs

    In August 2021, as part of cleaning, sealing & painting at a house residence, a home maintenance business used high pressure water spray equipment on an asbestos cement roof. Asbestos contaminated dust and debris (ACD) was spread across the yard, in vegetation, on adjoining structures, as well as the driveway and a car. ACD also spread on to a neighbour’s driveway and car, and onto the street and into council drains. In a separate incident also in August, a painting contractor appears to have used high pressure water spray equipment on a roof believed to have asbestos containing material ACM debris was distributed on parts of the property and two neighbouring houses.

  • Incident alert

    One worker killed and six injured when powerline arced to harvester

    In July 2021, one worker died and six others received electric shocks when a harvester came close enough to an overhead powerline to cause an electric arc. Initial investigations found the powerline had dropped approximately 3.6m from its original height because the stay wire on one of the poles had broken, potentially due to corrosion.

  • Workplace health and safety alert

    DC isolators – consequences of cancellation of a number of certifications

    Direct current (DC) isolators used in photovoltaic solar systems in household installations are classified as high risk (level 3) electrical equipment in the Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS). They are required to be registered on the EESS national database before they are supplied in Queensland. This registration requires using a valid certificate of conformity.

  • Incident alert

    Worker falls from elevating work platform

    In July 2021 a worker sustained multiple fractures and internal injuries after he fell approximately six metres from the platform of a truck mounted elevating work platform while trimming tree branches.

  • Incident alert

    Worker fatally crushed after being hit by moving vehicle

    In August 2021, a worker was fatally injured when he was crushed between his truck and a concrete column. Early investigations indicate he had positioned the truck in the loading dock to wash the back out and clean it. It appears a timber pallet was used as a wheel chock to prevent the truck rolling. The driver was seen to go behind the truck where it is reasonably believed he was repositioning the pallet, when the truck rolled back and trapped him.

  • Incident alert

    Falling object from tower crane

    In July 2021, WHSQ was advised of a tower crane incident where a climbing frame guide roller assembly, four bolts and two shim plates fell to the ground.

  • Incident alert

    Worker seriously injured in fall from roof

    In August 2021, a worker was seriously injured after falling approximately 6m from a roof through a polycarbonate skylight. It appears he was removing and installing polycarbonate sheeting from the warehouse roof during ad-hoc maintenance.

  • Incident alert

    Worker killed by falling branch while felling trees

    In July 2021, a worker was felling trees in a forest plantation when he was struck and fatally injured by a tree limb. It appears the tree the worker was felling struck a separate dead tree and a branch from that tree fell and struck him.

  • Incident alert

    Truck driver exposed to phosphine gas

    In July 2021, a truck driver began feeling very unwell after transporting grain to a feedlot with his semi-trailer. It appears the worker was exposed to a fumigant that produced phosphine gas which is commonly used to control insect infestations in grain.

  • Incident alert

    Worker killed by piece of metal ejected from unguarded angle grinder

    In June 2021, a worker died from injuries sustained while he was using a 9-inch (230mm) angle grinder to cut the base of a structural steel member at a commercial construction site in Brisbane. It appears a small metal shard was violently ejected from the cutting work and struck his neck. No guarding was fitted to the angle grinder at the time.

  • Incident alert

    Worker seriously injured in construction site fall

    In June 2021, a worker suffered serious facial and rib injuries when he fell 3.3 metres from a second story sub-floor level to the first story sub-floor level at a construction site.