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  • Workplace health and safety alert

    Fall risk with ring lock type scaffolding

    This safety alert discusses the need for scaffolders to take additional precautions while erecting, dismantling or altering ring lock type scaffolding and for employers to provide additional training and supervision.

  • Incident alert

    Four workers injured in gas explosion

    In June 2023, four workers were injured in a workplace gas explosion and fire. Early enquiries indicate they were clearing a gas line by purging a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) boiler line, creating a flammable atmosphere in the room. For reasons not yet known, a brazing torch ignited the atmosphere, resulting in an explosion and fire.

  • Incident alert

    12-year-old jumps from amusement ride when safety harness releases

    In May 2023, a 12-year-old sustained fractures to her foot when she jumped from the seat of an amusement ride.

  • Incident alert

    Worker fatally injured after falling through skylight panel

    In October 2023, a worker was seriously injured after falling nearly 4m through a polycarbonate skylight to the concrete floor below. Initial enquiries indicate he was applying sealant to air conditioning ducts on the roof as part of an air conditioning installation.

  • Incident alert

    Amputation and crush injuries from fixed plant and machinery

    In May 2023, a worker’s hand was injured while he was repairing a knocking box (used to stun livestock). Early investigations indicate his hand contacted the cradle and was partially amputated. In July 2023, another worker suffered a crush injury to her arm while working on a foot-operated de-nailing machine that removes the nails of the beast from the hock. At this stage of the investigation, it’s unclear what the worker was doing when her arm was drawn between the rollers and crushed. Also in July 2023, a worker’s hand was crushed in a plate rolling machine. The worker was using the plate roller to roll metal rings when, for reasons yet to be established, their hand was drawn into the cylinder rollers.

  • Incident alert

    Worker struck by mobile crane hook block

    In February 2023, a worker was injured after being struck by a hook block after it fell approximately eight metres from a mobile crane. Early investigations indicated the crane operator had begun telescoping the jib outwards when for reasons yet to be established, the main hook block contacted the head of the boom (commonly known as ‘two-blocking’) which led to the failure of the main hoist rope.

  • Workplace health and safety alert

    Press brake – Failure and ejection of high tensile steel plate

    The purpose of this safety alert is to demonstrate the risks of working with press brakes when forming high tensile or high strength steel (HSS) plates.

  • Incident alert

    Worker trapped in overturned dump truck

    In May 2023, a worker sustained crush injuries when they were trapped in the cabin of an overturned dump truck. Early investigations suggested a worker was operating a nine tonne dual view dump truck that rolled over an embankment.

  • Incident alert

    Worker sustained fatal injuries when tractor veered over an embankment and rolled

    In March 2023, a worker sustained fatal crush injuries when the tractor he was operating veered off the path over an embankment and rolled. Early investigations indicate that the worker was not wearing a seat belt. For reasons yet to be established, the tractor has veered off the path over an embankment rolling over.

  • Incident alert

    Young worker seriously injured by drop saw

    In April 2023, a young worker suffered serious hand injuries after an incident on a construction site. Early enquiries indicated the worker was operating a drop saw to cut noggins when for reasons yet to be established his hand came into contact with the moving blade, causing significant amputation injuries.

  • Incident alert

    Fatal incident involving semi-trailer tipper

    In March 2023, a truck driver suffered fatal injuries after becoming trapped between the tipper body and chassis of a semi-trailer tipper combination. Early investigations indicated the truck driver appears to have been inspecting one of the tipper trailers at the time.

  • Workplace health and safety alert

    Hung scaffold collapse

    This safety alert discusses the collapse of a hung (drop) scaffold and risk control measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.