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Jason Stevenson

Queensland Workers Memorial

Jason Stevenson

Jason Stevenson
Born: 27 February 1985
Died: 15 September 2014
Age: 29
Occupation: Poly welder

Jason was a proud husband to the beautiful Terri, took the responsibility of being a stepfather to Braydon and Isabella with passion, and also leaves behind his beloved daughter, Gabriella.

It is quite clear that words alone cannot adequately describe the meaning and value of Jason’s life.

As a family we would like to share memories that we hold dear, but also the story that lead to Jason being the man he became.

Jason has an extremely tight and loving extended family. He was a much loved brother to Candy, Brendan, Sarah, and Terence. The usual sibling rivalries and disagreements such as looking for the always disappearing clothes, who had the best volume on their stereos, and who could tell whom what to do, were always sprinkled with lots of “I love yous”.

Jason was also a caring and loving uncle, who loved to stir, and teased with promises of Big Macs, and changed the odd nappy here and there. The children were proud of him and loved all the time they got to spend with him.

Jason’s life began on 27 February 1985 and he was the second child to Michelle and Michael. Michelle and Michael fell instantly in love with their son.

Jason adapted to babyhood almost as well as adulthood. His first loves being eating, sleeping, and taking the world in through his eyes.

In 1986 our family relocated to Brisbane, and from then on Jason counted himself as a true Queenslander, with his passions being the State of Origin, and the Broncos, even when they could not win a game, or when his mates bagged his team, his loyalty never wavered.

Jason never particularly enjoyed school, it interrupted with his social calendar, his friends and sport were his major priorities, and were always on the top of his list. Jason began his sporting success playing soccer for Annerley where his grandfather played, and also played for the St David Scorpions and the Mt Gravatt Hawks. Jason also played rugby for Brothers Saint Brendan’s, where his dad first played, followed by Eastern Suburbs. Jason’s love for sport and all things associated, were a large part of his growing years.

Jason had an uncanny knack for making friends wherever he went, and those friendships were treasured by him, with many life-long mates through school, sports and his ever growing social life. You could not meet many people in life who loved life as much as Jason, every day was precious, and he packed as much as he could into every one of those 24 hours, he lived life to the full. Playing golf, jet skiing, travelling, days at the beach, and as he grew, more importantly, clubbing.

Some of the most memorable and treasured times were family and home.  Some of the random conversations we would have, would end up in laughter, great big belly laugh laughter; that more often than not brought tears to our eyes.

Even with all the play and laughs, Jason was also an extremely hard worker, with his first job being a pizza boy at Dominoes, Holland Park. No job was too hard, and he worked diligently wherever he went always putting in that 110 per cent. With his work ethic and effort, he went on to pass as many industry tickets and licenses he could to open up as much employment opportunities as possible.

But none of this meant as much to him as the excitement and joy of becoming a father. He was so proud of Gabriella, and you could see the instant love and bond that they had formed between them, from the very first daddy cuddle.

It was during this time that he met the love of his life, Terri. They first met on Halloween and started formally dating in March of 2012.

Three months later Jason proposed. Jase loved sending text messages, and believed he was an absolute expert. Their love for each other was unquestioned at their beautiful wedding.

It would not be the easiest life for any newly-wed couple to have been so determined to get ahead and establish their future.

Jason worked incredibly hard and made the job as much fun as he possibly could, never complaining, and helping all his mates along the way.

Our family are so very proud of Jason, and always will be. He found his own direction and accomplished more meaningful things in his 29 years here, than many older than him. Our hearts are sad and heavy now, but this is because Jason made them so happy and light. He taught us how to laugh and smile, the saying “The love you take is equal to the love you make” most definitely is how Jason was.

His hands of friendship not only reached us all here, but right around the world, and woven through the friends, family and hero’s he called mates. We will never forget Jason and his memory will remain in our thoughts and minds and forever warm our hearts.

Rest in peace Jason, we will miss you dearly.

No Fear, No Regrets, No Surrender.