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Preparing a tribute

Individual tribute pages on the Queensland Workers Memorial Honour Roll are an opportunity for families to remember a loved one who has died as a result of a work related incident, disease, or illness.

These tributes are deeply personal reflections and have great meaning to families. People reading the tributes are also likely to find the tributes very affecting, and will gain a better understanding of the devastating impact work related fatalities have on families - ultimately reinforcing the importance of work health and safety.

What to include in your tribute

Each tribute can be up to 1000 words in length. This can include the story of your loved one or a letter to your loved one. It may also include poetry, lyrics to a favourite song or a meaningful quote.

The work of others should be acknowledged and the tribute cannot contain content that may open the writer or the government as publisher, up to litigation or defamation.

It is also important that the tribute is agreed to by those closest to your loved one. This is particularly the case where others appear in the story or photo/s.

You may wish to include the following in your tribute:

  • Words to describe who your loved one was and what they meant to family, close friends and work mates.
  • What made your loved one special - their personal values, hobbies and interests, participation in sport or community activities, cultural ties, sense of humour or achievements.
  • Favourite moments or details about them that you would like to share. For example, their nickname, favourite holiday place, or shared memories.
  • How their death affected you, other family members, and/or others who had a close relationship with them.

Each tribute can also include up to three images. For example, photos, an image of a quote or song lyrics, or an artwork.

Writing a tribute can be an emotional experience and can take some time, especially if more than one person is helping to write the tribute. Look after yourself during this process.

If you would like assistance with preparing a tribute (including if you do not have a computer or Internet access), please contact the Coronial Liaison Branch: