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Whareheera Keepa Te Amo

Queensland Workers Memorial

Whareheera Keepa Te Amo

Whareheera Keepa Te Amo
Born 26 August 1952
Died 29 July 2014
Age 61
Occupation: Metal roofer

Whareheera Keepa Te Amo was born on the 26th August 1952 in Te Puke New Zealand to Horowai Ahomiro and Whakakaue Tamehana. At 18 months he was adopted by Hinemarama and Kahira Keepa Te Amo.

At 5 years of age Whare started school at Te Puke Primary. Educated at Tauranga Boys College Maori Training school in Auckland and studied Apprenticeship for Electrician.

He met Blanche and they had a son Michael James Dyer.

At 21 he left for Australia. He worked in a tunnel in Brisbane and played Maori Music with a Group at night.

He worked in many high rises on the Gold Coast as an electrician.But continued to work in the Tunnel in Brisbane

He then met Cheryl and they later married and had Tamara and Travis. He started work with Mike Evans as a roofer working on Pacific Fair, amongst many other places on the Gold Coast. Many that are still standing.

In 1981 he and Pera Kara formed Poutama, Percy wrote the songs and Whare put the music to the songs. Many Trophies were won at Competitions, and 1982 they were the National Champions. Their group opened and closed Expo in 1988.

He met Cecile in 1983 they were married in 1993. They toured the world by plane and by Ship. Visiting America.. Hawaii..Fiji..Solomons..Venice…Italy… Spain..Portugal…Monte Carlo…New Zealand…Hong Kong.. Singapore…Las Vegas… Orlando… Los Angeles… …Miami…Window Rock Navaho Indian Reservation…

Uncle I laughed when you said you had left some frozen meals for Pepe (your dog) saying that he could use the microwave because he was so smart…

Koro (granddad) to my bestest Poppy in the whole world I love you more than you have ever been loved before Nikita

What sad news.. Give Cecile my Condolences, what a terrible shock ..When your husband goes off to work, you don't expect never to see them again

When I think about all the people that Uncle made laugh and Smile throughout his life, through the endless streams of jokes.. music…Performances.. I came to the conclusion that the world would be a much better place if we were a lot more like Uncle Whare.

Let's hope that a law can be passed so this doesn't happen to anymore Fathers… Sons… Husbands…Brothers…

Grand Fathers…Uncles…and Nephews… in the future, too many men have lost their lives through stupidity.