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Stephen Viner

Queensland Workers Memorial

Stephen Viner
Born 14 January 1960
Died 6 February 2017
Age 57
Occupation: Handyman

Summing up Steve's life, I keep coming back to one thought. Never will you meet a man who was more giving then he was. He was the type to give you his shirt off his back if you were without. Though, he was a child of the depression who understood the value of a dollar and the importance of saving, the generosity he expressed with his kindness and giving nature matched his generosity of spirit. He was truly the most down to earth person you'll ever meet. He just had this fundamental and abiding respect for all people- regardless of your age, race, or background; he immediately saw the best in you, always. He was without a doubt an incredible father, husband, pop, brother, friend, and he is significantly missed, so very much. Each and every one of our lives have not been the same since the day he departed this world. When asked to describe him- we have heard people say, “funniest man I have ever met, loyal, and a fantastic father”. While I could use 1000 words and thoughts to describe our beloved Stevie, summing up his life in a few short sentences is nearly impossible, because he was larger than life. There is, and never will be a day that we are not missing his presence.

Forever loving you.. Until we meet again.

Samantha Wood