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Michael Formosa

Queensland Workers Memorial

Michael Formosa

Michael Formosa
Born: 12 June 1972
Died: 13 July 2022
Age: 50
Occupation: Surveyor

Mike Formosa was a loving and caring man to his family, friends, workmates and others. He was involved with Mates in Construction and supported many whom he had never met, with their problems. He left an indelible mark on all whose lives he touched.

He was a past Commodore of Tinaroo Sailing Club and was instrumental in enabling the club to sail even when the dam had dropped and speed limits incurred. The club sail area was surveyed and found to be safe and the 6km speed limit was lifted—due to the work Mike and Veris did.

Mike was a past staff member and cadet of Australian Navy Cadets, a youth organisation linked with the defence forces. He gave hope and changed the lives of many cadets—encouraging them and bringing out the best in them. He kept those friendships long after leaving the organisation due to work commitments.

Mike was a compassionate, loving and caring step dad to my two girls and Nunnu to the three grandchildren. He would play endless games of monopoly and build towns of lego with his grandchildren. He was always there to assist the girls with anything they needed.

To me, Mike was my world. He gave me hope and confidence in humanity again. He was an absolute gentleman who placed others before himself. He carried the heavy loads, opened doors and taught me how to trust again. He was always there for me, until one day… he wasn’t.

Mike’s death has left a hole in not only my life but the lives of others—those who were supported by him through Mates in Construction, Tinaroo Sailing Club, his fellow workers both past and present, his friends and of course us, his family. I can’t believe you are gone, yet I know you are. It is all still very surreal. His loss hurts. Fair winds, Mike.

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