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Kyah McDonald

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Kyah McDonald
Born: 24 July 2001
Died: 25 October 2022
Age: 21 years
Occupation: Apprentice diesel motor mechanic

Kyah Jace McDonald child number three of four children to Doug and Kerri McDonald.

He has an older brother, Beau, and two sisters, Téa and Holly.

Unlike his three siblings Kyah felt no need to be the centre of attention. Instead he liked to come into a room and blend in, always settling back to observe and quietly participate in whatever was happening. Occasionally he would pipe up with some of his dry humour. He was comfortable with himself and this quality made him very good at making others feel comfortable.

To his parents, family and friends there are many Kyah’s,
Quiet and shy Kyah, quirky, funny Kyah, athletic, energetic Kyah, and gentle, loving, thoughtful Kyah.

He was someone that people would gravitate towards. His energy was calming and playful. Younger children would attach themselves and play with him for hours. Animals would be trusting of him. Adults would praise him and girls would dote on him.

As a child, Kyah was a little rascal and always on the go getting his hands dirty, exploring nature and being adventurous. He loved the water and climbing just about anything he could. As a teenager he was every parent’s dream, demonstrating high morals and values and wasn’t interested in getting into mischief, preferring to be active and doing things he loved like wakeboarding, water skiing and surfing.

Kyah enjoyed spending time watching YouTube learning about building cars, trucks and four-wheel driving.

In 2016 Kyah started a started a school based apprenticeship and worked for his Father’s building company as an apprentice carpenter. He had solid work ethic, mature and respectful on construction sites. Kyah remained committed until the end of his apprenticeship and achieving his full qualification in early 2021.

After six years as a carpenter, in May 2022, he was ready to spread his wings and pursue his other passion of working with cars and trucks, gaining employment as an apprentice diesel motor mechanic.

Kyah accomplished many adventures over his 21 years including ski diving, trekking through jungles and caves, snowboarding, snorkelling, sailing the Whitsundays, travelling overseas and throughout Australia.

In 2019 at 18 years old he experienced 12 months on a family road trip from Victoria up the east coast of Australia where he demonstrated skills and maturity driving his old Hilux in convoy with his parents to the tip of Cape York with a highlight of four-wheel driving the very challenging “Old Telegraph Track”.

These outdoor adventures are what made Kyah the happiest times of his life by having fun and creating wonderful memories.

In his successes he was a quiet achiever and very humble. He was incredibly intelligent and talented. He was content in his own skin. He knew his likes and at the same time knew his dislikes like shopping, wearing shoes, and spending money. He only needed the basics in life to be happy.

Kyah was very focused on the goals he had set for himself. He bought his dream project car, the 1975 FJ45 to restore and was committed to saving for his future home with the love of his life, Holly.

Healing from this tragedy and heartbreak has been an extremely raw and, at times, unbearably painful journey that continues every single day. There are so many tears, yet we look for ways to fill the emptiness and to find the same joy Kyah was always able to find in other peoples’ success and happiness.

His father has found comfort in continuing with Kyah’s dream of restoring the old FJ 45. His mother finds emotional calm when meditating and connecting to him in the nature he so adored.

Kyah’s siblings, partner and friends are honouring his memory by continuing all the things that Kyah once loved and promising to never miss an opportunity for adventure in life.

Kyah, affectionately known as the wise old soul, will always be in their hearts, forever be loved so sadly missed.

Kyah McDonald

Kyah McDonald