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John Erikson

Queensland Workers Memorial

John Erikson

John Erikson
Born 27 June 1966
Died 11 November 2012
Age 46
Occupation: Plant operator

John went to work at around 9.10am that Sunday morning the 11th of November 2012, never to return home. It should never have happened. John was a beautiful man, 'a heart of gold', he got along with everyone, he was a man's man and he always made women laugh. He just had this way about him. His confidence, he knew what he liked, stylish, kind, gentle, strong, funny, intelligent, quick witted, would always help anyone who asked, a diligent worker and was awesome at driving. John could operate anything, he was a natural so at ease on the bike and to see him after he gotten off his motorbike, there was this glow...

John Erikson with his mum

He was a family man who loved the water, boating, but most of all he loved being a step-dad. In his arms I was home. Everywhere John went, people were smiling, laughing and he just had a way of making people feel good, to forget their troubles with humour. His mum, family, friends and this town suffered an enormous irreplaceable loss, he was a light.

Till we see you again - Forever loving you xxx.

'Safety is paramount. Please put workers first. Every worker has the right to go to work and come home in one piece.'