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Jason Jon Garrels

Queensland Workers Memorial

Jason Garrels

Jason Jon Garrels
Born: 15 May 1991
Died: 27 February 2012 
Age: 20
Trade assistant

Jason had a great sense of humour and a cheeky grin, he was quick to smile and loved to make people laugh, he was our family's larrikin. Jason looked for the good in people, if anything he was too trusting. Jason was slow to judge people and even slower to anger; he was kind in nature and enjoyed connecting and talking to people of all ages young and old. Jason enjoyed today and the simple things in life: - he found freedom with the wheels of his commodore and on hot summer days the boys could be found swinging off a tree rope at the local creek doing back flips and summersaults. Jason also played football for the Clermont Bears and enjoyed the social life after a game at the local country pub. Jason loved a party, he was only 20 years when he was killed and was excited about his up and coming 21st Birthday.  He loved his family and looked forward to having a family himself one day. Jason's funeral had over +500 people attend; our family and community mourned our young son's vital life as the world was a nicer place with Jason on this earth.

How beautiful life was while you were still in my world - love Mum

Lee Garrels

Jason Garrels poem