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Colin Charles Waugh

Queensland Workers Memorial

Colin Charles Waugh

Colin Charles Waugh
Born: 28 August 1959
Died: 4 January 2023
Age: 63
Occupation: Sawmill manager

The life of Colin Charles Waugh was highlighted by overcoming some great challenges. His death was caused by a tragic accident at the Kilcoy sawmill where he had been manager for almost a decade.

Born in 1959 in Armidale, New South Wales, the second-youngest of four siblings to Eileen Isabel and Harvey Charles Waugh, Colin followed in the footsteps of his father, who was also a sawmiller among various professions during his working life.

For Colin, sawmilling was his professional life. He started working at a sawmill owned by his uncle in Armidale after leaving school at the end of Year 12. After starting work in his uncle’s mill, he never looked at any other line of work for the satisfaction he derived from doing a good job.

He moved on from Armidale to work at sawmilling operations in Fiji, New Zealand and then to Kilcoy.

Colin had a strong Christian faith of a practical and earthy nature, focussed on helping people. Many of those with whom he came into contact recognised that in him and responded positively.

Colin Charles Waugh

He is missed intensely by his wife, Dararat, his three sisters and the many extended family members, friends, workmates and associates who came to know him during his 63 years on earth.

He brought sunshine and laughter into the lives of others. He had so much love in him, and he treated everyone with care. If you were in his life you knew he loved you. He never missed an opportunity to tell you.

Colin’s quick wit and cheek ensured that there was always a smile or all out laughter around him. He was the glue that kept his working team together. Colin was a passionate strong-willed man who backed down to nobody. But workmates also all experienced his big heart, humour, and kindness in some form or another.

If someone was prepared to have a go despite their lack of knowledge or ability, Colin was their biggest fan, and loved to teach and coach them to be the best they could possibly be. Outside of work, he would never tell people what to do, but he would be quite clear about his view and the decision that had to be made.

Colin worked in New Zealand for a few years. The Maori language has a term to encourage and comfort one another: “Kia Kaha”. In English it means “be strong in the Lord and his mighty power”.

Although his loved ones, friends and workmates are all hurting greatly and still coming to terms with his sudden loss, we celebrate the life of an amazing man and say he will be in our memories forever. Kia Kaha.

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