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Aaron Pitt

Queensland Workers Memorial

Aaron Pitt 1

Aaron Pitt
Born 9 June 1996
Died 21 April 2022
Age 25
Occupation: Heavy Diesel Mechanic

Words cannot describe the effects the traumatic and senseless death of Aaron has had on us his parents, sister, family and friends. It just seems so wrong that someone so kind, talented, loyal and hardworking could be taken in such a tragic way.

We are so proud of Aaron with his achievements, it was less than two weeks before his death he was awarded BIC QLD Apprentice of the Year Award. Aaron was a mature age apprentice as it took a go at few other apprenticeships to discover Heavy Diesel Mechanic was the right career and challenge for him.

Aaron enjoyed a simple life, he was a very uncomplicated and funny man with a great deal of friends that just loved his company. Outside work he just loved chilling at the beach, riding and working on his many motorcycles, enjoying nice food and company, going to the gym and climbing the local mountains to catch a sunrise. He was doing so much with his life. Really living life well. That has been a comfort for us, knowing that he was so happy.

We miss him so much. Our funny, clever, kind, cheeky beautiful son and brother. We should all live like Aaron did. Making the most of every minute of every day. Doing the things that give us joy, being with people that we love and relishing every moment of every day. His life may have been short but it was good.

We love and miss you so much Aaron.

Love Dad & Mum xoxox

Aaron Pitt 2