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New arc flash film

Choose not to work live

When was the last time you rushed to finish a job without asking or checking if the mains power was turned off and the equipment isolated?

Arc flash incidents happen too often in Queensland—the latest just over a week ago.

We have the highest rate of incidents in Australia, which is not something not to be proud of. In the past 11 years, there have been 47 serious incidents and one death.

Our new film highlights the danger of arc flash.

We hope you can share this important message with your mates, colleagues and staff to keep everyone safe.

Your choices mean you can protect yourself and others from this risk!

The best way to eliminate the risk of arc flash is to choose not to work live

If you can’t reschedule the work when the power is off then you MUST control the risks and follow safe work procedures.

Remember, working near live parts can be just as dangerous as working on live parts.

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