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We still need your help to identify dangerous recalled solar storage batteries

We still need your help to identify around 6,400 recalled LG Energy Solutions Australia (LGES) (previously LG Chem) home energy storage system batteries.

LGES is conducting an electrical safety recall of several models of these batteries due to safety concerns from a manufacturing fault. The batteries can overheat and catch fire, which can cause serious injury and property damage.

Homeowners may not be aware of the recall, so we urge you to help your customers by visiting the LG website and following the instructions to identify the affected units by performing a serial number check.

Affected battery models include:

  • RESU3.3
  • RESU6.5
  • RESU10
  • RESU13
  • RESU7H Type-R
  • RESU10H Type-C
  • RESU10H Type-R
  • RESU10H Type-R (Secondary)
  • Recalled batteries are also contained in modules S/A Gen2 1P (EM048063P3S4) and S/A Gen2 2P (EM048126P3S7).

These batteries and modules may have been supplied in other branded systems by other distributors, such as SolaX or Opal. Other brands may be added in future; please keep monitoring for updates.

A number of installers of the recalled batteries did not record serial numbers, or recorded them incorrectly, and some customers could not easily locate the serial numbers. This means recalled batteries are going undetected due to poor traceability.

We recommend switching off the batteries until they are replaced. To switch off the battery, refer to the instruction manual of the energy storage system or contact the manufacturer for advice.

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