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Annual update of Medical Tables of Costs


1 December 2023

WorkCover Queensland has reviewed and updated the tables of costs for medical treatment applicable for workers' compensation in Queensland. The changes are effective 1 December 2023 and reflect the maximum fees payable.

The Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS) item numbers, explanations, definitions, rules, and conditions for services provided by medical practitioners have been adopted. Fees have been indexed in line with CPI and wage index increases where appropriate.

The updated tables of costs, including supplementary services provided by general practitioners and specialists, are available on our website.

Updated files for self-insurers are also available.

There may be further amendments to item numbers and/or fees after 1 December 2023. Please refer to our fees page as we will endeavour to update the table of costs as quickly as possible, should this occur.

Summary of changes


As part of an ongoing review of medical reports and how we can best partner with our medical and allied health providers, WorkCover has made amendments to existing reporting codes and descriptors. These changes include the addition of two new Supplementary Report services codes for Independent Medical Examinations and Permanent Impairment Assessments.

All reporting types are now to be provided at the insurer request only (short, standard, comprehensive and progress reports).

WorkCover will commence consultation with the relevant medical associations and key stakeholders to further review our current reporting templates and questionnaires.

General Practitioner Quick Item Guide

A Quick Item Guide has been developed for General Practitioners, to provide clarity on frequently utilised billing codes, and resources on how we can best work together to achieve patient outcomes.

Stay up to date with medical fees

The tables of costs are updated regularly throughout the year. Register for our fees updates and you will be notified via email when fees are changed or updated.