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Rogue electrician shut down in Townsville


29 November 2022

The Electrical Safety Office (ESO) has obtained a court ordered injunction preventing an unlicensed electrical contractor from carrying out further electrical work in Queensland.

In the Townsville Magistrates court today, Christopher Lyle Gordon Ralphs was ordered by Magistrate Ross Mack to comply with two improvement notices issued to him for undertaking unlicensed electrical contracting and electrical work.

Court documents provided to his Honour, included the investigation report carried out by the Electrical Safety Office which alleged Mr Ralphs performed electrical work without an appropriate licence in Ayr, between 31 January and 6 April 2022.

Head of the Electrical Safety Office Donna Heelan said this was not the first time Mr Ralphs had come to the attention of her team.

“Mr Ralphs has previously ignored directions in improvement notices requiring him not to perform electrical work or electrical contracting without an appropriate licence,” Ms Heelan said.

“Unlicensed electrical work and contracting is not only illegal but can cause all sorts of problems.

“It’s regrettable that we have to go to court to stop rogue operators making things difficult for consumers and competing unfairly with licensed electrical contractors.

“However, we will do whatever is needed to shut down unscrupulous people performing unlicensed electrical work so that Queenslanders are not exposed to risks.

“It’s more likely that unlicensed operators won’t do the work properly and consumers are the ones who face electric shocks and house fires.

“Don’t be fooled by cheap online offers - when you choose a contractor, always look for their electrical contractor licence number in their advertisements and confirm they have a current licence.

“And for anyone contemplating similar unauthorised work, if you’re caught doing electrical work without a licence in Queensland you face on the spot fines and possible prosecution,” Ms Heelan said.

Electrical contractor licence numbers can be checked through the online licence search tool. If the electrical contractor isn’t in the database, call 1300 632 993.

For more information on safe electrical work, visit the WorkSafe Queensland website.

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