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Proposed legislative changes to create ‘claim-farming’ offences and terminal injury timeframes

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5 April 2022

A bill has been introduced in Queensland Parliament to amend the Workers’ Compensation & Rehabilitation Act 2003 to create new offences around ‘claim-farming’ and re-introduce a timeframe around terminal illness or injury claims.

‘Claim-farming’ is a practice where third parties, including from local or overseas call centres or via email or social media, financially benefit from pressuring members of public to engage lawyers to make a claim.

The bill also looks to re-introduce a timeframe into the definition of ‘terminal condition’, and this would impact how workers with a work-related terminal illness or injury are entitled to lump sum payments.

Workers will be eligible for lump sum terminal compensation if their injury or illness is medically certified to end their life within 3 years.

Further updates will be provided when the bill passes through Parliament.