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  • Workplace health and safety alert

    Counterweights on mobile plant

    The purpose of this safety alert is to: inform workers about the hazard of falling counterweights when fitting or removing them on mobile plant, and provide guidance on design, fitting, work system and training issues to reduce the risk of anyone being injured or killed by falling counterweights on mobile plant during their fitting or removal.

  • Workplace health and safety alert

    Safe filling of portable aluminium alloy cylinders

    The purpose of this alert is to inform all businesses and people who fill aluminium alloy cylinders of the risks of death and injury from cylinder explosion.

  • Workplace health and safety alert

    Potential for explosion of aluminium alloy oil/water separators fitted to high pressure air compressors

    Workplace health and safety alerts for owners and users of Bauer high pressure air compressors

  • Incident alert

    Workers foot amputated in screw conveyor

    In July 2018, a worker was cleaning a decanter when he stepped back through an open grate into an operating screw conveyor, which amputated his foot just above his ankle.

  • Incident alert

    Two workers burnt in chemical explosion

    In May 2018, two workers were seriously injured in a fire, possibly caused by an explosion, while combining chemicals in a four bay metal garage. Both required hospital treatment for serious burns. Investigations are continuing.

  • Incident alert

    Fall from edge protection system

    In March 2018, a 19 year old worker sustained fracture injuries to both kneecaps, partially severed fingers on one hand and a severe laceration to his calf when he fell approximately three metres from a roof.

  • Workplace health and safety alert

    Inflatable water balls - electrical equipment near water

    The purpose of this safety alert is to warn owners and operators of inflatable water balls about the risks of using or placing electrical equipment near a pool or body of water where these water balls are used. The large spheres are also known as ‘water walkers’, ‘hamster balls’ and ‘zorb water walking balls’.

  • Incident alert

    Worker killed in skylight fall

    In February 2018, a worker was killed after falling five metres onto a concrete floor. Early investigations indicate the worker was attending to a radio tower on the roof of a storage shed when a skylight has collapsed and he fell through to the floor below. Investigations are continuing.

  • Incident alert

    Worker burned while lighting furnace

    In January 2018, a worker received second degree burns while trying to pour fuel into the vent pipe of a furnace used for drying woodchips. The worker was attempting to light the furnace and spilled the fuel which then ignited resulting in burns to his hands, arms and legs. Investigations are continuing.

  • Incident alert

    Worker burned in pump room explosion

    On 11 January 2018 a worker was seriously injured in an explosion at a waste treatment plant at the Townsville golf club. Early investigations indicate this may have involved an explosive gas or substance in the pump room, but the ignition source has not been confirmed. The worker received extensive burns requiring hospital treatment. Investigations are continuing.

  • Workplace health and safety alert

    Guards and discs on angle grinders

    The purpose of this safety alert is to highlight the risks associated with removing guards and using incorrect discs on angle grinders.

  • Incident alert

    Worker struck in head by portable hydraulic jack

    In September 2017, a worker sustained serious head injuries while operating a portable hydraulically powered jack. He was using the jack to expand a semi-circular shaped metal bracket when it dislodged and struck him in the face. He was found unconscious sometime after the incident occurred.