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  • Incident alert

    One worker killed and six injured when powerline arced to harvester

    In July 2021, one worker died and six others received electric shocks when a harvester came close enough to an overhead powerline to cause an electric arc. Initial investigations found the powerline had dropped approximately 3.6m from its original height because the stay wire on one of the poles had broken, potentially due to corrosion.

  • Incident alert

    Worker falls from elevating work platform

    In July 2021 a worker sustained multiple fractures and internal injuries after he fell approximately six metres from the platform of a truck mounted elevating work platform while trimming tree branches.

  • Incident alert

    Worker killed by falling branch while felling trees

    In July 2021, a worker was felling trees in a forest plantation when he was struck and fatally injured by a tree limb. It appears the tree the worker was felling struck a separate dead tree and a branch from that tree fell and struck him.

  • Incident alert

    Truck driver exposed to phosphine gas

    In July 2021, a truck driver began feeling very unwell after transporting grain to a feedlot with his semi-trailer. It appears the worker was exposed to a fumigant that produced phosphine gas which is commonly used to control insect infestations in grain.

  • Incident alert

    Contractor seriously injured by wetting auger

    In April 2021, a contractor suffered multiple fractures, degloving and severe lacerations to his arms when he was trapped in a wetting auger at a feedlot.

  • Incident alert

    Workers struck by mobile plant

    In January 2021, a worker on a private property was fatally injured when a telehandler ran over him. Early investigations show the telehandler was loading a crop-dusting plane with fertiliser at a private airstrip on the property when the operator reversed it over a worker.

  • Incident alert

    Tractor incidents

    In January 2021, a farmer died when the tractor he was operating struck a log and rolled. The farmer had been using the tractor to pull out a bogged car and do some spraying. He was thrown from the tractor when it rolled and was trapped underneath the rear mounted chemical tank.

  • Incident alert

    Worker killed in industrial shredding machine incident

    In January 2021, a worker was killed while operating an industrial shredding machine used to process bulk waste building materials.

  • Incident alert

    Fatal quad bike incidents involving farm workers

    Two tragedies on farms in the past six months have again highlighted the dangers of quad bikes.

  • Incident alert

    Falls from height result in serious injuries

    Two recent incidents where workers have suffered serious injuries have highlighted the dangers of falls from height. In August 2020, a man sustained serious injury when he fell approximately 2m from a ladder while working at a residential property. Early enquiries indicate he was using a ladder to access the roof area. In a separate incident a month late, a worker fell approximately 3.4m at a construction site. It appears he was helping unload building materials from an elevated position of a partially built structure.

  • Incident alert

    Horse training fatality

    In October 2020, a self-employed horse trainer died whilst handling a horse at his rural property. It appears the man was using a trotting buggy when something may have 'spooked' the horse. As a result, the veteran trainer was catapulted from the sulky hitting a termite mound suffering fatal injuries.

  • Incident alert

    Worker injured in side-by-side vehicle rollover

    In September 2020, a worker was seriously injured when the side-by-side vehicle he was using at an industrial workplace overturned.