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Safety Advocate workplace visit application

Safety Advocates

Request a Safety Advocate to visit your workplace to speak to workers, supervisors and managers about the importance of workplace safety.

Requests are subject to approval on a case by case basis. Due to high levels of interest, Safety Advocate availability is limited, particularly during Safe Work Month in October. We encourage you to make your request well in advance.

Approval and advocate availability is not guaranteed.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
Your details
Your business/organisation
What is your organisation's safety push? What do you want to change? What are your challenges?
Your event
You must provide a start date that is at least 10 days in advance of today’s date.
Start time *
End time *
Event address
Must be 4 digits.
Safety Advocate
Minimum 20 people.
Are they construction workers, office workers etc?
Queensland Health COVID-19 directives * You agree to follow Queensland Health COVID-19 directives and ensure appropriate social distancing (as outlined in current health directives) is in place.
COVID Safe Plan or WHS plan * You have a COVID Safe Plan or WHS plan for managing the risk associated with COVID-19 for staff, and for the protection of visitors to your workplace.
Filming * No audio recording or filming is permitted during Safety Advocate presentations and appearances. This includes live streaming of the presentation.
Evaluation * If your application is approved, you agree to complete a short evaluation survey post event?

Privacy statement

The Office of Industrial Relations is collecting your personal information for the purposes of responding to your registration request. Your personal information may also be used for the purpose of reviewing our client service performance and standards.

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Our Safety Advocates are not qualified inspectors and are not able to provide specific safety advice for your business, nor guidance on compliance with work health and safety or electrical safety laws.

If you need assistance in these areas, please call 1300 362 128 and ask about our Injury Prevention and Management program, or visit