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Project resources

Discovery research report

The discovery research report (PDF, 0.32 MB) provides detailed findings of research undertaken by GrowthOps. The report also outlines a series of considerations that the research uncovered. It responds to the following questions from the original project brief: What is the purpose of the future WorkSafe website? What design principles should the site adhere to? What customer and business problems it should seek to answer?

Strategic content direction

The strategic content direction report (PDF, 1.55 MB) is based on GrowthOps disovery research and a workshop with OIR and WorkCover employees.

Website content role

The website content role (PDF, 0.11 MB) provides a framework for selecting content for the website.

Website content guidelines

The website content guidelines (PDF, 1.55 MB) provide a framework for writing content for this website.

Website content checklist

Use the website content checklist (PDF, 0.65 MB) in conjunction with the website content guidelines when designing new website content.