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Appreciative investigations (masterclass)

This Safety Leadership at Work masterclass will discuss modern safety leadership movements and the call for a study of success as well as failure. This is necessary when organisations experiencing high injury and incident rates find that investigations fail to generate new information, and when organisations with few incidents find themselves with little to meaningfully investigate.

Appreciative investigations is a tool for generating learning and safety improvement and can be used at any time to learn the:

  • resources people rely on to meet their goals at work
  • gaps between work as described in plans and procedures, and work as experienced by the workforce
  • solutions and strategies that others can learn from
  • frustrations and goal conflicts that may cause unsafe variation.

This masterclass covers:

  • why organisations investigate themselves, when this works well, and when it doesn't
  • an overview of the main principles of appreciative investigation
  • strategy, methods and tips for the three phases of an investigation:
    1. discovery - collecting examples and details of work
    2. analysis - generating themes and conclusions
    3. improvement - using the investigation to create positive change.

Who should attend?

This masterclass is aimed at safety managers or advisors, and senior operations or staff managers with an interest in safety improvement. Our masterclasses attract a range of industries including local government, healthcare, mining, construction, and air traffic management. No previous safety study is required or assumed.

More information

Visit our webpage to find out more about the Safety Leadership at Work program.


Level 41, 1 William Street, Brisbane.

Date 26 April 2017
Time 08:30 am - 04:30 pm
Cost $150

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29 March 2017