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Safety differently (masterclass)

This Safety Leadership at Work masterclass asks leaders to question their knowledge and assumptions around safety. For example:

  • How much of what we do is evidence-driven, and how much is simply following fashions or bad habits?
  • Why do we do safety the way we do it? What is the role of evidence and experience in safety practice?
  • What is meant by the distinction between ‘safety I’ and ‘safety II’? Is this a useful distinction, and what does it mean in practice?
  • What is a high reliability organisation (HRO)? Should we all try to become HROs?
  • What is the relationship between safety and resilience? How can we strike the right balance between control and innovation in each organisation?

Sidney Decker

This masterclass is presented by Professor Sidney Dekker, in partnership with Griffith University.

Professor Sidney Dekker completed his PhD in cognitive systems engineering from the Ohio State University in America, and has since gained worldwide acclaim for his ground-breaking work on human error and safety. Sidney is currently a Professor at Griffith University in Australia, where he has founded the Safety Science Innovation Lab.

Who should attend?

This masterclass is aimed at safety managers or advisors, and senior operations or staff managers with an interest in safety improvement. Our masterclasses welcome attendance from all industries. No previous safety study is required or assumed.

More information

Visit our webpage to find out more about the Safety Leadership at Work program.


Level 41, 1 William Street, Brisbane.

Date 9 August 2017
Time 8.30am - 4.30pm
Cost $150

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10 July 2017