International Housekeeping Week

It’s that time of year to celebrate housekeepers who are an invaluable part of the accommodation industry.

International Housekeepers Week is running from 11–17 September 2016 and is an opportunity to thank housekeepers for contributing to a clean, safe and healthy environment for us all.

It’s also a good time for employers to review their workplace health and safety systems.

WorkCover Queensland Customer Services Manager Kate Macartney said there were more than 5,000 injury claims lodged in the accommodation and food services industry in 2014–2015, resulting in compensation payments of over $28 million.

“The most common injury in accommodation and food services is musculoskeletal injuries, accounting for 46 per cent of all injury claims,” Kate said.

“Housekeepers are at high risk of manual handling and repetitive strain injuries due to the nature of their work.

“It is important for employers and workers to be able to identify and manage the risk of these manual tasks.”

There are a range of different information resources available for employers to refer to on the topic of hazardous manual tasks to help ensure the health and safety of their workers.

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13 September 2016