On-duty road traffic incidents only


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Index valuesClaim numbers
Census year3 year average
Industry and sub sector2016201120162011
Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing1611871613
Nursery and Floriculture Production02701
Mushroom and Vegetable Growing23528233
Fruit and Tree Nut Growing7811
Sheep, Beef Cattle and Grain Farming2078253
Other Crop Growing17010
Dairy Cattle Farming0000
Poultry Farming162440721
Other Livestock Farming32010
Forestry and Logging6241901
Hunting and Trapping0000
Forestry Support Services0000
Agriculture and Fishing Support Services210132932
Meat and Meat Product Manufacturing21926
Seafood Processing0000
Dairy Product Manufacturing2002011
Fruit and Vegetable Processing0300
Oil and Fat Manufacturing01100
Grain Mill and Cereal Product Manufacturing0000
Bakery Product Manufacturing271643
Sugar and Confectionery Manufacturing5914432
Other Food Product Manufacturing2914812
Beverage Manufacturing1013733
Cigarette and Tobacco Product Manufacturing0000
Textile Manufacturing134000
Leather Tanning, Fur Dressing and Leather Product Manufacturing0000
Textile Product Manufacturing13100
Clothing and Footwear Manufacturing17000
Log Sawmilling and Timber Dressing011201
Other Wood Product Manufacturing865834
Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Manufacturing9901
Converted Paper Product Manufacturing04901
Printing and Printing Support Services109912
Reproduction of Recorded Media0000
Petroleum and Coal Product Manufacturing211010
Basic Chemical Manufacturing161111
Basic Polymer Manufacturing0000
Fertiliser and Pesticide Manufacturing105510
Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Product Manufacturing5702
Cleaning Compound and Toiletry Preparation Manufacturing262400
Other Basic Chemical Product Manufacturing323213012
Polymer Product Manufacturing982122
Natural Rubber Product Manufacturing0000
Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing1673311
Ceramic Product Manufacturing0401
Cement, Lime, Plaster and Concrete Product Manufacturing24779959
Other Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing25901
Basic Ferrous Metal Manufacturing646012
Basic Ferrous Metal Product Manufacturing0100
Basic Non-Ferrous Metal Manufacturing1010
Basic Non-Ferrous Metal Product Manufacturing0000
Iron and Steel Forging02500
Structural Metal Product Manufacturing65456
Metal Container Manufacturing0000
Sheet Metal Product Manufacturing (except Metal Structural and Container Products)86112
Other Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing2022246
Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Part Manufacturing36633
Other Transport Equipment Manufacturing293912
Professional and Scientific Equipment Manufacturing14010
Computer and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing715703
Electrical Equipment Manufacturing4676012
Domestic Appliance Manufacturing0300
Pump, Compressor, Heating and Ventilation Equipment Manufacturing01001
Specialised Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing47022523
Other Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing84522
Furniture Manufacturing03204
Other Manufacturing416912
Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services1421092020
Electricity Generation0000
Electricity Transmission0000
Electricity Distribution651468
On Selling Electricity and Electricity Market Operation449200
Gas Supply0201
Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage Services412954
Waste Collection Services8419483
Waste Treatment, Disposal and Remediation Services872114
Residential Building Construction565075
Non-Residential Building Construction23127910
Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction1362111019
Land Development and Site Preparation Services663466412
Building Structure Services19255233
Building Installation Services114108633
Building Completion Services11517105
Other Construction Services25018558
Wholesale Trade3231606982
Agricultural Product Wholesaling11682022
Mineral, Metal and Chemical Wholesaling71726358
Timber and Hardware Goods Wholesaling7754910
Specialised Industrial Machinery and Equipment Wholesaling101556
Other Machinery and Equipment Wholesaling2862001714
Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Parts Wholesaling384957
Grocery, Liquor and Tobacco Product Wholesaling4302461117
Textile, Clothing and Footwear Wholesaling3911
Pharmaceutical and Toiletry Goods Wholesaling11081165810
Furniture, Floor Covering and Other Goods Wholesaling39213466
Commission-Based Wholesaling1910212
Retail Trade23395669
Motor Vehicle Retailing433021922
Motor Vehicle Parts and Tyre Retailing23726467
Fuel Retailing69020
Supermarket and Grocery Stores8575
Specialised Food Retailing02103
Furniture, Floor Coverings, Houseware and Textile Goods Retailing232913
Electrical and Electronic Goods Retailing6936
Hardware, Building and Garden Supplies Retailing766057
Recreational Goods Retailing13413
Clothing, Footwear and Personal Accessory Retailing81234
Department Stores5111
Pharmaceutical and Other Store-Based Retailing231979
Non-Store Retailing27929311
Retail Commission-Based Buying and/or Selling02300
Accommodation and Food Services25313527
Cafes, Restaurants and Takeaway Food Services19422917
Pubs, Taverns and Bars3623
Clubs (Hospitality)812321
Transport, Postal and Warehousing688687142209
Road Freight Transport2019159588111
Road Passenger Transport2713412235
Rail Freight Transport6261648
Rail Passenger Transport78528
Water Freight Transport03800
Water Passenger Transport14000
Air and Space Transport2612
Scenic and Sightseeing Transport2110
Pipeline and Other Transport7555263222
Postal and Courier Pick-up and Delivery Services2974751018
Water Transport Support Services232321
Airport Operations and Other Air Transport Support Services88113
Other Transport Support Services42941318
Warehousing and Storage Services3883773
Information Media and Telecommunications9144213
Newspaper, Periodical, Book and Directory Publishing1752305
Software Publishing0000
Motion Picture and Video Activities0001
Sound Recording and Music Publishing0000
Radio Broadcasting0210
Television Broadcasting41304
Telecommunications Services04702
Internet Service Providers and Web Search Portals0010
Data Processing, Web Hosting and Electronic Information Storage Services1547601
Libraries and Archives0000
Other Information Services0020
Financial and Insurance Services131769
Central Banking0000
Depository Financial Intermediation22524
Non-Depository Financing29010
Financial Asset Investing0000
Life Insurance076801
Health and General Insurance46322
Superannuation Funds0000
Auxiliary Finance and Investment Services2312
Auxiliary Insurance Services14000
Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services86852529
Motor Vehicle and Transport Equipment Rental and Hiring505022
Farm Animal and Bloodstock Leasing0000
Other Goods and Equipment Rental and Hiring236209711
Non-Financial Intangible Assets (except Copyrights) Leasing17010
Property Operators9131
Real Estate Services90711314
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services36382937
Scientific Research Services4839501
Architectural, Engineering and Technical Services87421116
Legal and Accounting Services2844
Advertising Services814632
Market Research and Statistical Services0401
Management and Related Consulting Services611357
Veterinary Services2021
Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services84813
Computer System Design and Related Services163833
Administrative and Support Services139753346
Employment Services293871527
Travel Agency and Tour Arrangement Services1111
Other Administrative Services123533
Building Cleaning, Pest Control and Gardening Services1241111114
Packaging Services387010
Public Administration and Safety9910395139
Central Government Administration01901
State Government Administration88162221
Local Government Administration561272448
Government Representation0000
Public Order and Safety Services2612994569
Regulatory Services010900
Education and Training19182437
Preschool Education123912
School Education5151723
Tertiary Education74559
Adult, Community and Other Education64113
Educational Support Services02500
Health Care and Social Assistance3651157158
Medical Services21703
Pathology and Diagnostic Imaging Services24262710
Allied Health Services13262
Other Health Care Services1185451925
Residential Care Services57155124
Child Care Services5445
Other Social Assistance Services1331584653
Arts and Recreation Services674157
Museum Operation10000
Parks and Gardens Operations246601
Creative and Performing Arts Activities33712
Sports and Physical Recreation Activities1484832
Horse and Dog Racing Activities230200
Amusement and Other Recreation Activities211301
Gambling Activities4010
Other Services51943242
Automotive Repair and Maintenance15108713
Machinery and Equipment Repair and Maintenance6015886
Other Repair and Maintenance0000
Personal Care Services8811
Funeral, Crematorium and Cemetery Services44511
Other Personal Services1015125
Religious Services111522
Civic, Professional and Other Interest Group Services2611511014
Private Households Employing Staff and Undifferentiated Goods - and Service-Producing Activities of Households for Own Use111710

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