Do I need to submit a claim?

I’ve been diagnosed with silicosis or another condition?

If you have completed a health screening through WorkCover and you have received a diagnosis from your specialist doctor, WorkCover will call you within 24 hours of this appointment.

You do not need to wait for WorkCover to call you, but you are welcome to contact WorkCover at any time after getting your diagnosis.

WorkCover will help you make a claim over the phone to ensure you get quick access to medical treatment and support.

I haven't completed a health screen through WorkCover, but my doctor has diagnosed me with silicosis or another condition related to my work.

You can lodge a WorkCover claim if your doctor confirms you have developed a work -related respiratory disease.

If your doctor considers your respiratory disease to be work-related, you need to:

  1. Obtain a work capacity certificate from your doctor
  2. Lodge a WorkCover claim online at or call 1300 362 128
  3. Your health screening report will provide recommendations for future health monitoring. Your employer is responsible for organising your follow up testing. They will be provided with a copy of your report outlining your specific requirements.
Haven’t been diagnosed with silicosis or other condition?
  1. Talk to your GP about your health screen results and what they mean for you.
  2. Discuss ongoing health monitoring options with your GP
Employers and health monitoring

WorkCover Queensland is only funding the initial health screening for stonemasons working with engineered stone.  Any follow up health monitoring that is required must be undertaken by your employer.

Employers must do health monitoring where there is a significant risk to their workers.

This means they must pay all the expenses related to the health monitoring, including:

  • doctor’s fees;
  • testing and analysis costs;
  • reasonable travel costs; and
  • time off work to attend medical appointments.

The Department of Workplace Health and Safety also provides guidance to employers on how to prevent worker exposure silica dust in the engineered stone benchtop industry.

Last updated
23 December 2019