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Providers can quickly and easily view remittances and check the progress of invoice payments online using WorkCover's provider online service.

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Provider online FAQs

How do I print or save a remittance?

You can view online all your remittances that have been processed by us. To get to your remittances, click on the Remittances tab once you have logged in to provider online. Remittances are displayed in descending chronological order, i.e. your latest remittance is displayed first. To print a hard copy, we recommended you use the View/Print icon to create a PDF—you can then print the file or save as an electronic copy.

You can also save a copy of the remittance data as a comma separated value (csv) file. You can then analyse using your preferred tool, such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access.

How do I view an invoice?

When you click on 'Invoices' tab you will see a default list of invoices which is all the invoices we have 'entered' for the current month to date. You will also be able to download the search results into a useable report.

You can see the detail of each invoice by clicking on the invoice number displayed in invoice tab.

What parameters can I search by:

  • Invoice Number—enter the invoice number exactly as you submitted it to us. All the service items for that invoice will display
  • Invoice Date From (if you leave this blank but provide a 'to' date, the search will return invoices from the beginning of your history)
  • Invoice Date To (if you leave this blank but provide a 'from' date, the search will return invoices to today)
  • Claim Number—enter the claim number. If only one invoice exists then all the service items for that invoice will display. If there are two or more invoices relating to the same claim, then a list of invoices will display for you to select and view
  • Service Date—this search will display invoices where at least one service item on the invoice has a matching service date. If only one invoice exists then all the service items for that invoice will display. If there are two or more invoices, then a list will display and you can select and view.
  • NB: If there are more than 10,000 invoices for the search results, you will need to refine the search.

How can I track the status of payment for an invoice I submitted?

Click on the individual invoice number and the 'Invoice Detail' screen will display the status of each payment line including 'New Request', 'In Progress', 'Paid' or 'Not Paid'.

I have sent in my invoice but haven't received payment yet. How long should I expect to wait for payment?

Please allow approximately 15 business days for the payment to be processed. If it is still not appearing on your invoice page as either paid or pending, please call us on 1300 362 128.

If the invoice shows the payment as pending, then the invoice has been processed and it is awaiting further action to pay it.

My payment has been pending for a while now. When can I expect payment?

All payments require a final check and approval from the claim's owner before being paid and will appear as Pending. If it is approved the payment will be authorised and will appear as Paid on your remittance. If the payment is not approved it will be cancelled, and you will be notified by WorkCover. If your payment has been pending for longer than 15 business days, please call us on 1300 362 128.

I have received money into my account. How do I know which remittance this money belongs to?

On your remittance page there is a unique reference number for each remittance that we pay you. This reference number also appears on your bank statement.

How long does it take for the money to transfer into my account after the remittance is posted online?

Please allow 24-48 hours for funds to transfer electronically.

If your money still hasn't appeared in your account, confirm that the remittance has been posted and call us on 1300 362 128. Please have the remittance's reference number ready.

Why haven't I been paid the complete amount for the invoice?

Check the original invoice, as there may be items still pending payment.

Why haven't I been paid the full amount for the service I charged for?

You may have charged over the maximum fee that WorkCover will pay. Check for comments on the remittance, such as 'maximum fee payable/scheduled'. You should also check the original invoice for the amount charged.

'Invoice Detail' displays the reasons why a payment line has not been paid by WorkCover. Where a service is not payable, an automatic notification will be sent to you if we have a valid email address for you on file.

Billing search also provides the ability to determine if services can be billed to WorkCover. This can be found under the 'Workers' tab within Provider Online.

If you still feel you have been underpaid for a service, call us on 1300 362 128.

I want to change my bank account details, how can I do this?

Call us on 1300 362 128 or email with your bank name, BSB, account number, account type, and the name of the account (note that you are unable to send attachments to this email address).

How do I create my own invoice?

In the invoicing screen of provider online, click on the button 'Create Invoice'. This allows you to data entry your own invoice information directly to us and assists us to get your payment to you quicker than any other method of invoice lodgement.

In this screen enter the information in each field. If you don't have a claim number, leave this blank. The provider should be the practitioner's name and you only need to enter more than '1' in the units if the item number is based on a derived fee. If you are charging GST, the amount of GST charged should be entered into the GST field and the amount field should be inclusive of GST.

Once you have submitted your invoice, you can print or save a copy of the invoice for your records but you do not need to send any invoice into WorkCover if you use this function. We have created an invoice in our system for this record which qualifies as a tax invoice.

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