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Independent medical examinations panel

WorkCover may require an independent medical examination to provide additional information or clarification on specific medical aspects of a worker's injury. The following medical practitioners provide independent medical examinations. They are from a private practice and do not work for us.

As required by the Queensland Procurement Policy, WorkCover has a tender arrangement for the IME panel. Find out more.

Cardiologist | Dermatologist | ENT | General Surgery | Neurologist | Neurosurgeon | Occupational Medicine | Ophthalmologist | Orthopaedic Surgeon | Pain Specialist | Plastic Surgery | Psychiatrist | Rheumatologist | Sport and Exercise Physician | Thoracic / Respiratory Physician


Kenneth Hossack


Megan Andrews
James Muir


Russell Bird
Sharon Kelly

General Surgery

Michael Mar Fan
Philip Scarlett


John Cameron


Leigh Atkinson
John Baker
Neil Cochrane 
Michael Coroneos

Terence Coyne 
Eric Guazzo
Jefferson Webster


Occupational Medicine

Gavin Ballenden
Sasan Beheshti
Matthew Brandt
Nicholas Burke
Edwin Butler

Chris Cunneen
Tersia De Wilzem
Ki Douglas
Angus Forbes 
Steven Goode

Andrew Lingwood
Robert McCartney
Sid O'Toole 
Steven Sornachalam 
John Sowby



Alan Hilton
Graham Lee
Lawrence Lee

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Charles Allen
Steve Andrews 
Pritpal Bansi
Stephen Coleman
Cameron Cooke
Philip Dalton
Glenn Davies
Gregory Day
Ian Dickinson 
Peter Dodd
Bill Donnelly
Hugh English
Prue FitzPatrick
John Fraser
Price Gallie 
Tony Ganko
Simon Gatehouse

Brett Halliday
Steven Hatcher
David Hayes
Tze-ki Ho
Michael Holt
Matthew Hope 
Robert Ivers
Alok Jhamb
Peter Johnstone 
Sanjay Joshi 
Simon Journeaux
Anthony Keays
Lloyd Douglas King
Suyog Kulkarni 
Steven Lawrie 
Kelly Macgroarty
Peter McCombe

Paul McEniery 
Peter McMeniman
Bruce McPhee 
Angus Nicoll
Gregory Nutting 
Kerry Outerbridge 
James Price 
Mark Richardson
Dale Rimmington
Mark Robinson 
Terence Saxby
John Scott
Matthew Scott-Young
Peter Sharwood
David Shepherd
Desmond Soares
Scott Sommerville

Michael South 
Peter Steadman
Greg Sterling 
John Walters
Sarah Watts 
Andrew Whittle
Richard Williams
Anthony Wilson
Peter Winstanley
Leo Zeller

Pain Specialist

Leigh Atkinson
Daniel Berge
Kym Boon 
Sarah Lindsay 
Frederick Marc Walden

Plastic Surgery

Richard Lewandowski
Cameron Mackay


Kenneth Arthur
Joanne Barkla
Janet Bayley 
Kym Boon 
John Chalk
Andrew Christensen
Alfred Chung
Hugh Daniel
Benjamin Duke
Curtis Gray
Anand Gundabawady

Jennifer Gunn
Ankur Gupta 
Sharon Harding
Satish Karunakaran
Mee-ling Khoo 
Hugh Levien
Vladan Ljubisavljevic
Aleksandra Isailovic
Johnathan Mann 
Joseph Mathew
Elizabeth McLachlan

Quentin Mungomery
Lucas Murphy
Lawrence Nandam
Sanjeev Ranjan 
Pankaj Relan
Greig Richardson
Wasim Shaikh
Helen Siddle
Alexandra Simpson 
Josephine Sundin



Phillip Vecchio

Sport & Exercise Physician

Matthew Hislop

Thoracic / Respiratory Physician

John Armstrong
Ian Brown
Stephen Vincent
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14 June 2019

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