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Independent opinions

Medical advisory panel

WorkCover engages the services of a medical advisory panel (MAP) to provide medical advice and information to our customer advisors.

The panel is made up of independent medical practitioners, with a range of specialties including occupational physicians, general practitioners, psychiatrists, orthopaedic specialists and neurosurgeons. They provide our customer advisors with up-to-date information on a range of subjects including medical terminology, interpreting diagnoses, advice on the likely treatment plans and time frames, and private hospitalisation requests.

We have a tender arrangement and openings for tenders will be advertised on our Medical and Allied Health section.

Independent medical examinations

WorkCover may require an independent medical examination (IME) to provide additional information or clarification on specific medical aspects of a worker's injury. Medical practitioners who provide independent medical examinations are from a private practice and do not work for us.

We may require a worker to have an independent medical examination, which is in addition to the information given by their treating practitioner. The independent medical practitioner will only provide an independent opinion and report to us on specific medical aspects of the worker's injury. As the doctor is not providing any treatment, the examination may be different from what the worker is used to.

The doctor cannot offer comment about treatment options, diagnoses or discuss any other aspects of the injury or claim. The worker's treating doctor is the best person to talk to about these matters.

Independent medical examination panel

WorkCover has established an independent medical examination panel. We have a tender arrangement and openings for tenders will be advertised on our Medical and Allied Health section.  

What will happen at the examination?

Depending on the injury, some examinations can take a long time, while others may be very short with the doctor asking only a few questions. The doctor will be supplied with background information from the worker's claim file. They may ask questions already covered by the worker's treating doctor and order tests or X-Rays if they feel these are needed. The worker is free to ask questions during the examination and the doctor will be able to clarify their role.

Workers can take someone with them to the appointment, however it is up to the doctor whether they wish to have friends or relatives present during the examination. We will liaise with the worker to make sure the appointment is convenient.

After the independent examination, the doctor will send a report to us. The doctor will not be involved in any decisions we make. In some cases we may forward the report to the worker's own doctor if it may help them manage the worker's injury. In most cases a worker will be able to access their claim information including medical reports.


A worker who has been exposed to a noisy workplace environment in Queensland for five years or more may have an entitlement to lump sum compensation for binaural hearing loss.

WorkCover has established an audiology panel of providers who perform audiometric testing for us. We have a tender arrangement and any future openings for tenders will be advertised on our Medical and allied health section.

Please contact WorkCover on 1300 362 128 for guidance on approved fee schedules associated with this service.

Last updated
29 June 2015

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