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Use our range of tools and resources to help build a strong safety culture in your workplace.

Safety leadership and culture model

The model identifies:

  • business practices and leader behaviours required to demonstrate effective safety leadership
  • the importance of safety leadership at every level
  • benefits of actively engaging your workforce in developing a positive safety culture
  • key drivers of safety culture that may impact your safety performance.

Safety Leadership at Work model

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Download a copy of the model (PDF, 1731.66 KB) .

Safety climate and safety culture

Safety climate is the perceptions and beliefs an individual has of their organisation’s safety efforts. These perceptions and beliefs can be influenced by the attitudes, values, opinions and actions of other workers in an organisation, and can change with time and circumstance. Find out more about measuring your organisation’s safety climate and safety culture.

Safety leadership in small businesses fact sheet

Small business owners have a vital role to play when it comes to leading safety. A positive safety culture can help small business owners avoid costly incidents and injuries, minimise productivity disruptions and reduce overheads.

Safety leadership in small business
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Organisational Systems Benchmarking Tool

Building a strong safety culture requires an effective, systematic approach to managing health and safety.

The Organisational Systems Benchmarking Tool allows you to compare your business with other businesses in a range of areas including safety leadership practices such as management commitment and consultation, to help you understand where improvements can be made.

Safety leadership updates

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  • Leadership and culture is a priority action area under the National Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-14. Read more
  • The Australian Strategy Virtual Seminar Series (VSS) was a free online event held throughout Safe Work Australia Month in October 2014 showcasing the latest thinking, developments and research in work health and safety. Read  more.

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05 June 2017