Step 2: Measure your baseline, identify issues, and implement your challenge

Although you will have a broad idea about the issue(s) you would like to tackle through your challenge, further investigation can be fruitful. Consult with your workforce to confirm your target issues and identify further challenges that could be included. This consultation can be achieved efficiently and thoroughly by conducting a safety culture and climate assessment. This assessment will also provide you with a baseline against which future progress and improvement can be measured.


Once you understand how to conduct an evaluation, you can carry it out using the tools and templates below:

Data collection

The next step is to turn your vision and plans into reality.

Take action

By engaging in a thorough planning process, and consulting with all levels of the business, you will ensure buy-in to, and engagement with the subsequent changes. It’s also important to maintain open and regular communication with all stakeholders (including supply chain partners) prior to and throughout implementation of change, so that any challenges or difficulties can be resolved.

If you find you are experiencing delays or challenges to the implementation, consider targeting the ‘low hanging fruit’ first. For example, although the overall challenge might be to improve your site’s reporting culture, you may be able to start by making simple tweaks or adjustments to improve the reporting system. Finding those quick wins, implementing them, and celebrating once they are completed is a strategy to build engagement and trust in the overall change process.

To help you implement your own safety leadership challenge, we have developed some additional resources:

Step 3: Measure your impact is coming soon.

Last updated
10 December 2019