Step 1: Plan your challenge

Plan your challenge with the end in mind.

One of the first steps in undertaking your own challenge is to plan what you will do – including who, when, how and why.

Every Safety Leadership Challenge begins with a compelling vision of the future. This future vision for safety sets the scene for what is to come and drives engagement across the workforce. Without a well-articulated vision and specific goals, your challenge may lack drive and direction.

Next, you must understand your organisation’s current state of safety.

How far are you from your idealised vision of the future? What gaps exist and what do you need to do to achieve your vision? Involve all levels of your business when making these decisions, as it will be the people who are most connected to the work that will be able to tell you how things currently are.

Our pilot organisations have undertaken their own planning processes. Watch the films to see how they approached the challenge, read the mid-point updates to find out how they are progressing, and get inspired to embark on your own Safety Leadership Challenge.

WHSQ has resources that will help you structure your challenge, develop an inspiring safety vision, and identify the specific actions you need to undertake to improve WHS.

Business case

Within the step of ‘planning your challenge’ it is important to make the case to senior management so you have their support. One way to do this is through making a business case. We’ve developed some templates to help you:


Next you should establish an overarching vision. This vision should be created through the involvement and participation of leaders at different levels of your business or project. Consider running a vision-setting workshop. As part of this workshop, identify the specific actions that need to be taken using the resources below:


As with any organisational change, communication is key to success. Accordingly, the final step you will need to do is develop a communication strategy and supporting materials that let other people know how your organisation will undertake the challenge. These resources should be customised to reflect your specific safety leadership challenge.

See Step 2: Measure your baseline, identify issues, and implement your challenge.

Last updated
10 December 2019