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BMD Constructions

This film is an interview with Peter Anusas, General Manager from BMD Constructions, to discuss how they will be approaching the Safety Leadership Challenge. Read the challenge mid-point update from BMD Constructions.

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Tristan: Peter, could you tell us about your challenge? What are you undertaking?

Peter: The challenge I'm undertaking is to have a look at the temporary works dimensions of safety performance.

Tristan: Now, why have you picked this? Why is it important that you focus on this challenge?

Peter: Well I think the main reason I've picked it is because I've seen some events, both within my own company and outside my company, that would cause me to question whether temporary works is being properly managed and by temporary works I mean the work that we do that's of a temporary nature that enables the permanent works to be built.

Tristan: Now, there's going to be some people watching this from industry and one of the things we would like them to do is undertake their own challenge. So, what would you say to them?What was the takeaway for this?

Peter: I think the takeaway this evening is for anybody in a position of influence in their company,they should look at some form of challenge. Something that they can do to make a difference,and I sense it doesn't really matter what it is as long as it strongly attributable to safety and that it sends a message to their people and to their peers that they actually care about safety enough to do it in their own time and invest into it.

Tristan: Yes, and that genuine commitment. Thanks Peter.

Icon Co.

This film is an interview with Mark Spry, Director of Icon Co., to discuss how they will be approaching the Safety Leadership Challenge.

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Tristan: Could you summarise for us what your challenge is about?

Mark: Thanks Tristan. Look our challenge is about improving the performance of my organisation at the committee level. The committee level being on a project where workers and management come together to improve the safety of the company.

Tristan: So, why have you picked this of all issues? Why is it important?

Mark: It's important for me because it's really the central hub of culture on a project. A good cultural project is a project which will be really productive, where pride will be taken in the product that the workforce is achieving and the safety committee can really be a central point of either disengaging with the workforce or engaging with the workforce in that process through the topic of safety.

Tristan: Now, there's going to be a lot of people watching this in industry and we'd like you to givethem a bit of a takeaway or a message from this evening. What would you tell them?

Mark: I guess my takeaway is as an industry we all experience the same problems. I talk to other leaders of other firms and we are all experiencing the same thing. This is just one aspect of where I would, through my firm, like to take a leadership role and improve the industry as a whole and at the same time improve my firm's performance.

Tristan: Thanks Mark.

McNab Constructions

This film is an interview with Michael McNab, Managing Director of McNab Constructions, to discuss how they will be approaching the Safety Leadership Challenge.

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Michael: Our challenge is about turning safety compliance in the safety leadership and the reason we are going on this journey is because we have seen our best performing sites that there's a different commitment to leadership and that our processes and our systems seem more supported by those really good and genuinely committed leaders.

Tristan: So, why is this so important that you do this challenge? What does it mean to you personally?

Michael: Look, it really is simple. I genuinely want our staff to walk in the door in the morning at six o'clock or seven o'clock and go home the same way at night time. It's a pretty simple outcome for us as a business and as a small business particularly.Now, there are going to be a lot of people watching this from industry.

Tristan: So, what would you say to them if they were watching this? What would you like them to take away?

Michael: What would I like them to take away? Certainly, as a business we've got a long way to go to

have a sites that I'm always proud of and always happy with. More importantly that thereis no injuries at all. The thing that I do know that it is a journey, I know that a bitof a cliche, but we had a management meeting this afternoon about a specific issue aroundsafety and it's something that I found very frustrating because we've been talking aboutthis one for a little while and yet we don't seem to have advanced it. Hopefully, we canput in train some actions that will advance this particular issue.

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10 December 2019