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The Safety Leadership at Work Program connects businesses with activities and initiatives to drive a positive safety culture.

Leaders play a significant role in influencing the health and safety behaviours of others and the creation of a positive safety climate. Build your safety culture by engaging your workforce through our evidence-based health and safety programs.

Leading young worker safety initiative

Young workers aged 15-24 years are over-represented in workers' compensation statistics in many high risk industries. WHSQ is committed to contributing to a reduction in the number of injuries experienced by this priority age group through:

  • increasing industry awareness of the risk profile of young workers
  • promoting work health and safety capabilities through education and training programs
  • assisting workplace managers and supervisors manage risks and promote good work design for their young workers through:
    • effective inductions and training
    • appropriate supervision and feedback
    • proactive support and mentoring
  • developing a positive industry culture by sharing profiles of safety leaders, case studies and examples of good practice.

Whether you are a business owner, manager or supervisor, education or training provider, youth service provider, or parent or caregiver, you can play an important role in keeping young people safe at work, including the following:

  1. View the Young worker safety toolkit (PDF, 4223.94 KB) , including fact sheets, films, presentation templates, education materials and checklists.
  2. Watch The right start – building safe work for young workers film.
  3. Watch Jason's story film.
  4. For employers of young workers, email express your interest in a regional business engagement project to work with a WHSQ inspector in building safety leadership capabilities of your supervisors and managers.

Last updated
06 June 2017