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Assessment tool for handling engineered nanomaterials

This assessment tool has been developed for Australian organisations handling engineered nanomaterials.

This assessment tool may be used by:

  • organisations, to document practices and procedures, and
  • work health and safety regulators or occupational hygienists when visiting nanotechnology organisations.

This assessment tool covers information about the work of your business, organisation or research laboratory and allows the user to identify and record the:

  • characteristics of the business manufacturing, supplying or using nanotechnology or products that contain engineered nanomaterials
  • nanomaterials and processes that are being used
  • controls being used to prevent exposure of people to nanoparticles
  • information available to businesses, organisations or research laboratories, and
  • issues or problems faced by businesses, organisations or research laboratories in managing nanotechnology work health and safety.

The survey will help to provide useful hazard identification information for nanotechnology businesses.