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Program charter

Joining the Safety Leadership at Work program represents a visible commitment to safety leadership and helps build a positive safety culture in Queensland workplaces.

The Safety Leadership at Work Program aims to:

  • Support effective safety leadership practices at all levels of industry and workplaces by recognising that anyone can be a safety leader and contribute to a positive safety culture.
  • Promote a workplace culture where thinking about health and safety is as natural as thinking about quality, profit or customer service.
  • Promote the importance of involving everyone, including work health and safety representatives and committees, in decisions about creating a positive safety culture.
  • Encourage a workplace culture that empowers people to report incidents and builds a resilient safety culture, leading to continuous improvement.
  • Recognise that healthy workers are productive workers and support leadership in work health and wellbeing programs.
  • Share successful rehabilitation and return to work outcomes, including treatment and support for workers to resume productive work as soon as possible.
  • Support industry networking events and the development of industry networks, such as supply chain partnerships to promote safety leadership.
  • Enable organisations to share their innovative health and safety practices, knowledge and experiences to build the collective knowledge of industry.
  • Encourage other workplaces to adopt the principles outlined in this charter.

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